Our Apartments
The building is at the main entrance of Rapolano Terme. The village is well known for its hot springs and ancient travertine quarries. Visitors can walk in a few minutes, the historic center of Rapolano and thermal pools. The guest finds here a friendly and elegant ambient, with all the comforts, and he should choose between elegant apartments for two, four or six people, but also between a nice and independent cottage and elegant roomss with private terrace.
2+2 pax, Ground Floor
In the origin it was a sort of garage for the farmer. The restoring work was so hard for this apartment...
4 +2 pax, Ground Floor
It is situated in the ground floor with private garden and terrace. The bricks vaults are intact and best preserved....
4 pax, Ground Floor
The restoration of this apartment was careful and accurate in every detail to recreate a warm and friendly ambient...
6+2 pax, Ground Floor
This apartment was the house of the “Bailiff’s family”. Three beautiful bedrooms with three bathrooms with showers...
2+2 pax, First Floor
A very important testimony of the ancient activity of the mill is in the cave below, now carefully illuminated to let see...
Cottage Il Cortile
4+2 pax, Ground Floor
This charming cottage was in origin the animal house. The restoring works were careful, in the total respect of the beauty...